Laguna Beach Engagement: Jaclyn + Jesse

It was a really busy day in Laguna Beach.  It was sunny, there were a few scattered clouds in the sky, and the temperature was in the mid 80′s.  It was the perfect day to be at the beach! If there’s one thing you can guarantee every time all of those variables come together, it is that there will be tons of photographers out on the beach.  So we headed out to hoping for the best.  All along, Jaclyn and Jesse were completely chill… like my favorite chilled snack, otter pops… yummm… but I digress.  They were cool and relaxed and they really set the tone for the entire shoot!

As we arrived at the beach location, as expected, there were tons of photographers with lights, shades, assistants, models, etc.  There was little space to work with.  We took a few photos and then decided it was too crowded for us to shoot there.  Reluctantly, I told Jaclyn and Jesse that we should go and find another spot. I probably could have predicted what they were going to say because of their usual cool demeanor… and their response was “yeah, let’s go!” and they followed by saying “we’re open to go anywhere”.  So we took off to our second location and it ended up being even better than our first.  The sunset was beautiful and we found a unique little spot.  They loved it.  We loved it. It couldn’t have turned out any better!

Jaclyn and Jesse you are such a beautiful couple.  Your love for one another is so abundant, it shows in your facial expressions and actions with one another.  It also shows in your interactions with people around you. You both have wonderful, calm, and collective attitudes that will definately be a huge asset to one another when you are married. Thank you for your hospitality and geniality. Those characteristics will shine through on the day of your wedding as well!  We feel excited and completely honored to be part of your engagement and your wedding!  Congratulations!


We shot a few photos at a location near the beach. It was beautiful and the trees created the perfect frame for this shot.






The look of happiness.



Love this shot.  Beautiful love. Perfect flowers.




After a quick wardrobe change, we made it down to the beach.  Anna captured these moments perfectly!


We snapped this photo in the first crowded beach location.  And it’s my absolute favorite!




Love this!



What an amazing setting.






We accidentally found this location with a small pool on it. It worked perfect for this shot!


Calm. Cool. Collected. Love.



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  1. Wow- nice layout. Love the B & W shots too!

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