Laguna Beach Wedding: Hilary + Mitch

It was moments before the wedding.  I was setting up to make sure that I was in the perfect position so that I can capture the perfect photographs of one of the most important moments in Hilary and Mitch’s life.  When I look over, I could see Mitch.  He looked great.  But besides his physical appearance, you could see that he was at ease.  Confident.  Poised.  Ready for Hilary to arrive and get married.

In another room was Hilary.  She looked beautiful. She had this tranquility surrounding her that was undeniable.  As she stood and awaited her big moment, you could see in her eyes that she felt so much love from both her family and her future husband.  This was her moment.  The accumulation of all of her hopes and dreams had finally reached the day when they would come true. And everything about her day was perfect and beautiful.

Hilary and Mitch, you are an example for true love and an inspiration to everyone surrounding you.  Your love for one another is truly extraordinary and we are so honored to have shared in such a special moment between the two of you.  We’d like to thank you for choosing us to capture your amazing wedding.  We wish you both a life of love, laughter, and happiness. We hope you enjoy your images and much as we do!  Thank You!

Such a beautiful dress.

And some amazing shoes to match.


Getting ready for the big moment! The bride and bridesmaids are almost ready!



The grooms men’s boutonnières we’re out-of-this-world!

Moments before the bride sees her groom.





We found a little spot to capture something different.  I love this setting.

The floral design by Inviting Occasions is amazing. Highly recommended!

Classic. Love.



Every time I see details by Inviting Occasion, I am utterly amazed.

The mood gets set by beautiful lighting provided by The Event Company.



Hotel Seven4One was such a great place to have a wedding! Great people. Awesome location.


A groom ready to see his beautiful bride.


The moment they have both waited for.


And their love is sealed with a kiss.


Mr. and Mrs. Avalos!


Love. Love. Love!

Hilary looking gorgeous.


Such a beautiful setting for all the delicious goodies provided by Sweet & Saucy!


More exquisite details.


Lighting. Florals. Details. Absolute magic.


We snuck away from the party to capture the sun in all it’s beauty.


A much anticipated introduction. You can see the happiness and love in their eyes.


A picture perfect toast.

Take a look at this slideshow to see additional images from Hilary and Mitch’s wedding.  We love it.  We hope you do too!


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  1. Stunningly vivid pics- nice job!

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